Dec 1, 2017
SNHU with Eliot Rausch and Stink Films

Director Eliot Rausch (with Stink Films) and DP Ben Loeb just shot a few really great spots for Southern New Hampshire University in Vancouver and we were very happy to help get these done.   The kind of spots that really tug on the heartstrings - check them out over in Our Work here:

Nov 25, 2017

Working with Director Andreas Nilsson and Biscuit to get this spot out in time for Christmas was a blast !   Santa, Reindeer, Elves, a repossessed sleigh, some crazy memes, and a ton of copper top batteries all came together and the result can be seen over in the Our Work section here:

Aug 25, 2017

Biscuit and Director Isaiah Seret set their sights on Vancouver to shoot this commercial for Spectrum.  We filmed for 7 busy days and came away with a multitude of really great spots.   DP Alwin Kuchler really set the tone as well - check out one of the spots in the Our Work section here:

June 25, 2017
General Mills

Wow !  Working with Saman Kesh and Skunk to create the various looks needed for these General Mills spots was impressive and everyone was up to the task !   Production Designer Patrice Vermette built just the most amazing game show set here in Vancouver.   In the end there were 4 spots, and one of our favorites can be found by clicking this link:

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March 17, 2017
Horizon Milk
Things got weird and wild when Horizon Milk came up in February. Spot the backyard? Thanks to Vancouver's very own weird winter, everything was covered in a foot of snow just 12 hours before we shot!
Nice work to the whole team for pulling it off. Now I'll have some of that string cheese please...

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February 1, 2017
Love is in the air! Hallmark is back with this sweet little spot about a couple of shy lovers. Luckily they have a coworker willing to work a little magic for them.
This spot is a continuation of the Hallmark's #careenough campaign.