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Wednesday, April 2, 2012

2012 was off to a roaring start with two great jobs for Scandinavia in February and March. We started with snowmobiles on water (see below) for Nokian tires and went straight to 8 days of filming for Vattenfall (the Swedish power company) and their young Olympians sponsorship program. Producer Lina Stenberg and director Thomas Hilland from Partizan Stockholm chose Vancouver because they needed sailing AND skiing at the same time (as well as fencing, gymnastics, cycling, and hockey). We had fresh snow on the mountains 20 minutes from downtown and blue skies and fair winds just up the shore from the hotel. The spots required amateur athletes on the path to Olympic competition from all the sports and Vancouver delivered. It's all here. Click on the image above to see the summer spots. We'll put the winter ones up in the fall. And such nice people, our northern brethren.