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COVID-19 - July 7 - Update
Corona Virus/COVID-19 update for filming in Canada
To our valued customers, crew and vendors.  We’re tremendously pleased to announce that the Premier of the Province of British Columbia officially announced publicly that we are in Phase 3 as of June 24th.

As such, the Province welcomes all production activity to restart or begin—we are open for business and all motion picture activity is encouraged across B.C.   

MOP has been filming, with increased Covid-19 safety measures in place and it has gone great !   The situation regarding filming in Canada due to the effects of the Corona Virus is constantly changing.  For up to the minute information on how best to deal with the virus please go to the Canadian and provincial government health authority web sites listed below this message.

Canada / USA border:  Yes we can get your Directors and DP's in !     They will however, currently need to quarantine for 14 days.    Currently the Canada - USA border is allowing USA workers that are essential to the production to cross under r186(a) which is the regualtion we always use to enable access to Canada for our Directors/DP's for TV Commercial Advertising projects of a short term duration without a work permit.

Anyone wishing to travel to BC, from a country other than the USA  (ie: UK /   European Citizens) to work, it is still a little unclear.  We currently believe it is problematic and have been told we will need to apply for a special Exemption Letter, and we’re told this letter can be acquired in about "two weeks to a month",  but this is all new to us, there are no precedents and we have yet to have anyone confirm this will actually work.  We will update on this situation and the timing to obtain it as soon as possible !

PLEASE NOTE: Currently anyone arriving from outside of Canada (whether USA or other country) must QUARANTINE FOR 14 DAYS  - no exceptions.   They must also have an isolation / quarantine plan to show the border officers (we help with this!).

Canada Border Services page:

Means of Production will continue to help our clients with inquires about filming in Canada, please feel free to reach out to us for the latest information.
If you have any questions or concerns please email us at
MOP will closely monitor the situation and update our News page when we have more information. 
Thank you,
David Bouck
Owner/Executive Producer